Euroclass Checker & Declaration of Performance (DoP*)

As further detailed in the CPR: Construction Product Regulation page, the Euroclass reaction performance to fire is required for products that are fixed installed within the European Union and the United Kingdom. To check the Euroclass of a Belden cable or get the Declaration of Performance (DoP), use the following form. Please see below for guidelines on how to use it.

Please enter a valid Construction/DoP Number
Please enter valid email(s)

For CPR rated wire and Cable Products Selection, please refer to the CPR Copper Cables and CPR Fiber Cable pages.

Guidelines on how to use this form:

Start by inserting the construction or DoP number in the associated field. For instance, a valid construction reference is 9841. and a valid DoP Number is 9841-8101.

Then you may proceed with one of the following options:

  • To display the Euroclass, click on “Get Class”.
  • To generate your DoP. click on “Get DoP”.
  • To email the Declaration of Performance (DoP), enter the recipient's email address and click on “Email DoP”.

When generating or emailing a DoP, the language can be changed to one of the proposed languages.

Example of DoP in English